Rosemary Randall speaking at Climate event

Well, this is good, the blog stats have gone up.  The wonders of facebook etc.

The good news is that Rosemary Randall is speaking at an event called
“Engaging with Climate Change: Psychoanalytic Perspectives”
It’s part of the “Beyond the Couch” events put on by the Institute of Psychoanalysis.  It’s in London on the weekend of October 16 and 17 2010. £60, and it looks absolutely bloody fantastic, if you like that sort of thing.  See you there I hope (I am the tall wide guy who’ll be scribbling furiously).

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This site will host jpgs of the wonderful book Rosemary Randall and John Southgate wrote 30 years ago about “Collective and Community Group Dynamics… or your meetings needn’t be so appalling” (with drawings by Frances Tomlinson).

If groups like Climate Camp had made it a core text for everyone to read and reflect on, then maybe they would be in a slightly stronger position than they are now. Etc.

More posts to follow in due course.  I intend to make a (couple of?) youtube videos about the contents of this book, and it urgently needs an update to take in changes in the last 30 years (esp the internet and behaviour on email discussion lists etc etc)

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